Shades of Pink – My Story


was looking forward to 2015 with much anticipation and excitement just as I had with all of the previous years. The possibilities of what was to come were limitless. As I did previous years, I'd scheduled my annual mammogram early January, January 9th to be exact. As a matter of fact I thought about rescheduling because I was exhausted from all of the holiday hustle and bustle, but something deep inside said "No Shell, go ahead and get it over with". The appoint went as schedule and as typical, or so I thought. The following Monday January 12th while at work, I decided to call home to check my answering machine and to my surprise there was a message for my MD and close friend, Dr, Anitha Mitchell asking me to call her ASAP. I didn't hesitate calling her and her receptionist put me thru right away. She told me that my right breast showed evidence of calcium deposit which concerned the radiologist and herself, so she wanted me to have an ultra sound. I complied, the ultrasound was performed and still the results were not conclusively, so she requested a biopsy. She told me that "usually 90% of the time it's nothing! I can't tell you not to worry because it would be like telling you not to breath". Now keep in mind of this took place in a course of 1 week, including the biopsy. I was told by the doctors and nurses after the biopsy that I would get the results in just 3 days. Well I knew something wasn't right when Dr. Mitchell called me back that very next morning. What I heard on the other end of that phone call knocked me completely off of my feet, I was literally down on my knees asking GOD "Why and asking the doctor how could this be when I eat right, I exercise daily, I don't smoke, heck I don't even drink. I told her please I have a 3 1/2yr old granddaughter and a new grandson on the way in August, PLEASE NOOOO". After I gained my composure, I could hear her say "Shell we treat this light you do high blood pressure these day because we caught it early"... I asked her to repeat what she said and I asked her to reassure me that we caught it early and she did. She said that she wanted My Husband and I to meet her in her office the next morning. Naturally I could sleep, but I had some serious PRAISE AND WORSHIP moments with MY GOD of whom I consult with on a daily basis, not just because I was going thru a storm. The morning couldn't get here fast enough, we meet and she informed me that it was A Zero Stage Non Invasive DCIS: Ductal Cancinoma in Situ, very small in size and sitting inside a small milk duct. It appears that as I'm going through menopause my body is building up too much estrogen and the estrogen forming precancerous cells in the milk ducts. A lumpectomy was required but because of a small history of breast cancer in my family, The BRAC Test was ordered to rule out any chances of this reoccurring or possible cancers in other areas of my body. It took 2-3weeks for the results which were negative PRAISE GOD and surgery was scheduled immediately after that. As of Feb 23, 2015, I HAD LUMPECTOMY SURGERY AND RADIATION SOON AFTER THAT for 7 weeks AND NOW I AM cancer FREE..TO GOD BE THE GLORY. I've been consulting with the Oncologist and we've decided that taking Tamoxifen is not necessary since I have less than a 10% chance that it will reoccur, but to keep my weight down and continue to exercise daily, which I have been doing all my life. Doing this will cut that 10% in 1/2...GOD IS SOOO GOOD. But I must say that if it weren't for THE LOVE OF My GOD, My Sweetie & My Dear Friends like Tallulaha walking and talking me thru this step by step.....I AM TRULY GRATEFUL. I was told by My Doctors to go and LIVE MY LIFE AS I CHOOSE AND I AM DOING JUST THAT...I AM LIVING TO BE A TESTIMONY TO OTHERS OF GOD'S GREAT GRACE AND MERCY...THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR MY COMPLETE HEALING AND DELIVERANCE AND I PRAY THE SAME FOR ALL OF MY FELLOW SURVIVOR SISTERS....AMEN wn text and edit me. It's easy.