Tallulah Anderson

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker- Breast Cancer Survivor

Just Take Two....

Tallulah loves sharing her "Shades of Pink" her story/journey of being a Warrior, Survivor...a Wonder Woman! Tallulah Anderson is the Founder of 2for2 Boobs a Breast Cancer Awareness/Survivor Advocacy 5013c nonprofit organization. A 3x Breast Cancer Survivor she created 2for2 Boobs as an organization dedicated towards providing education, information and resources on Breast Health and early detection. 2for2 Boobs also advocates for survivors and allows them the opportunity to have a voice through our “Shades of Pink” where they can share their stories to encourage and inspire those diagnosed or others who have been touched in some way by breast cancer or any cancer.

2for2 Boobs is a call to action... To Take Two Minutes To Check Your Two (Boobs/Breasts). We implement various breast cancer events that are developed to be fun and informative by encouraging women/men of various ages to check monthly and to be diligent in ensuring to have their yearly breast exams. 2for2Boobs also provides a peer to peer informational online support group for those newly diagnosed. Tallulah is passionate about educating about having the conversation early with teens and educating millennials about early self-breast checks. Her goal is to not only educate but motivate & inspire others to take charge of their overall health...Mind, Body & Soul.

2for2Boobs creative community outreach N-Pink themed educational events are designed to educate, empower and inspire and include our signature 7th annual N-Pink Line Dance for a Cause (Breast Cancer Awareness), 3rd Annual Toast to Pink Survivor’s: Turning SoBe’s Pink, N-Pink Yoga and Cooking-N-Pink, Hats & Tea N-Pink Brunch, Pretty N-Pink Pamper Party and several others in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. In 2017-2018 2for2 Boobs has provided breast cancer awareness education/outreach to over 400 women and men. 2for2Boobs also provides a peer to peer informational online support group to for those newly diagnosed or others who have been touchedin some way by breast cancer or any cancer.


Speaking Topics

  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis is not A Death Sentence, Early
  • Detection and Treatment Can Save Lives
  • Conversations With Her: Teens & Millennials
  • Genetic Testing & Knowing Your Family Health History
  • Being a Warrior Through the Journey... Faith of a Mustard Seed
  • Living a Healthier Lifestyle Inclusive of Mind, Body & Soul